Hello Warseer community,

I am currently finishing my gaming board, a very grim dark snow board, where all of the terrain is covered in freshly fallen snow.

I love gaming on it, as the stark contrast of the board to the models is awesome.

Since I fell in love with the snow covered terrain, and I am currently building another Reaver for my Chaos forces, I started to wonder:

How fast and how hot is a Titan? I have a couple of Reavers, and 99% of the time when I use them (sometimes just as Terrain when no Apocalypse is played) I use them at home/on my board, and since my whole Chaos army has been rethemed to snow bases, I have this image of this huge Reaver in my mind with some remaining snowpiles on it's top, as I would exclusively use it on the snow gaming board.

It would make a wonderfull model, with the snow melted away next to the Void Shield emiitters, and melted and black around the heat exhausts.

So...how "hot" is an operational titan? Would the snow just melt away all over the titan? I have not red the BL books about Titans/Adeptus Mechanicus, that's why I ask here if there is any indication in the books about a Titan.

PS: This is the Chaos Reaver from Forgeworld, which is still controlled by humans, so the thing is not "alive" yet