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Initially, the idea of doing a Warhammer campaign seemed a bit farfetched, but with the release of the Blood in the Badlands book as an inspiration and Warhammer World just down the road me and my housemate decided it would be a right good laugh! So with a bit of inspiration and a lot of thinking, we decided on the story and the area in which our campaign would be fought over - none other than the Marshes of Madness!

After a lot of writing and rules making we decided to come up with Morahngol K'tah, a mighty sire of Morrsleib who has broken free from his lunar bonds and is destroying the Warhammer World piece by piece - starting with the Marshes. Below is the general splurge from our rulespack on how he came to be:

Morahngol-K’tah a chaotic beast, vast beyond imagining, a creature that lived and thrived within the chaos moon Morrsleib who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years feeding off the raw essence of chaos. This monstrous beast one day broke free of its lunar home and fell to the surface of the Warhammer World; it landed in the Marshes of Madness and resonated around the lands of the world with an ominous boom.
Kurt Helborg himself scouted out the cause of the eschewing shock wave caused by the evil Morahngol and all they found was an awesome crater and the glow of sickly warp energy. Kurt Helborg knew then that the sighting of this great meteorite which crashed on the horizon had not been the coming of the Empires sire, Sigmar, but instead something altogether more chaotic – it was then he felt a dark chill run down his spine.
Despite the impact, Morahngol did not perish from the almighty strain of striking the surface – even creatures that are malformed and twisted by the workings of chaos were nothing close to the horrific mutations that had occurred on this creature. In fact it’s hard to tell if this is a creature at all. So much warp energy had been released by this cataclysm that it changed time and space in the area, the winds of magic run rampant to then fall to the power of a small stream – pandemonium ensued. The tales of this raw energy began to spread around the world, could it be harnessed? Or is this something to big and too unearthly to even attempt to capture?
Finally; after many years, the beast known as Morahngol showed himself to the mortal realm. After hibernating below the surface of the planets crust, regaining his power, he broke out for the first time showing his ugly form to those unfortunate enough to witness his presence. However it was the news of its appearance, and the news that where ever it went a storm of magic followed, the likes that had never been seen began to get the leaders of the world’s races interested. This creature began to roam, causing disarray and confusion where ever it went; sometimes the land cracked and floated into the air, in some cases whole towns or armies of people had turned into gibbering lunatics or sprouted magical wings. Morahngol didn’t always travel by land, in fact it sometimes burrowed its way underground, bringing less disarray to those who lived there but still its presence could be felt. The winds of magic and Morahngol affected all…
Now however, the different races of the world hunt this monstrosity, each for their own reasons – with either good intention in the heart or for some evil scheme. Whichever it is, if the Warhammer World is to survive this mindless beast then it must be destroyed – if not then all will be lost.

So far we're on Turn 2 of the campaign, we started it early January at Warhammer World and we're now battling like men possessed to get it done - and I tell you what, it's a lot of fun. So we've decided to share it with the world, in the form of a blog... We've got the Turn 1 report up already with a massive 3 battle reports having been written up for it and we are currently working on the Turn 2 report as well as finishing off some games. So if you're interested in having a read and on got some time on your hands then head over too http://marshesofmadness2011.blogspot.com/ and read about our madness!!!

Of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I'll do my best to get a response but questions for individual players in the campaign will be more difficult but I'll do my best.

Thanks for reading,
Mark & Mitch