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Thread: games stores in isle of white?

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    games stores in isle of white?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to help me find a war games store on the island?

    Looking for 40k stuff or malifaux if I'm lucky.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: games stores in isle of white?

    FInally - someone who would find those 300 pages (I know, I'm exagerating) of shop lists in WHite Dward. Except, I can't see anything for Isle of Wight in the recent lists....

    Apr 2012 WD lists 4 shops on IoW - Cheap Thrills, Rp Games and Toys & Models in Newport, and The SPorts & Model Shop in RYde. I'd guess at least one of them would still sell GW models a year later

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    Re: games stores in isle of white?

    I'll drop you a PM,

    Theres no places that have instore gaming now RP Games has closed, however there are plenty of stores that stock GW, plus there are numerous clubs

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    Re: games stores in isle of white?

    Many thanks for all your help. went to Cheap Thrills in the end and got what I needed. Very nice shop!!!

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