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Thread: Petition - Bring Back Hobby Articles

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    Re: Petition - Bring Back Hobby Articles

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathjester99 View Post
    You can have some success with if you are creative (ie hit stop and look at page source). There's only a few of the articles that can be found that way, but it's worth a try for those of you desperately looking for a specific article.

    I can also add that there was quite a discussion over at Games Workshop's facebook page. A lot of upset fans. I emailed whatsnewtoday, and while they could not put the articles back, they were quite helpful. If you are having problems and missing one particular article, it might be worth a try to email them.
    OK, i'll try, the big one for me was the Dark Elf Corsair article. I did ask GW customer service for it, but they said i could not have it as it was not available. Not at all helpful. I will see if i can find a separate email address for What's New Today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zacho Max View Post
    BTW, Monkey. I called GW. This guy was a c00l d00d and actually gave my info instead of an apology. He says that The Dark Elf articles we are looking are in the WD 200's which they dont have in their database, nor does
    Dakka Dakka have em' either.
    So they deleted a number of useful online painting articles and now they have no record of them anywhere? Bizarre. I may try customer services again to see if there is an update on this story. Just seems weird. Also, agree they are a nice bunch.
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