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Thread: List of fantasy based Podcasts?

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    List of fantasy based Podcasts?

    Hi all,

    I do a lot of travelling for work so I listen a lot of Podcasts on the road. I was wondering if people would be able to list what Podcasts they listen to. The ones I have downloaded and listened to so far are,

    Heelanhammer - UK
    Bad Dice - UK
    The Black Sun - UK
    Two Gamer Radio - UK(hasn't been an episode for a while now)
    Garagehammer - US
    Wargaming Ireland - hmmmmmmmmmm....Ireland

    I see Nordlander and Wiscodice have posted threads saying they have Podcasts so I'll give them a listen and see what I think. Has anyone got any other suggestions?

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    Re: List of fantasy based Podcasts?


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    Re: List of fantasy based Podcasts?

    .) Painting Tabled

    Painting Tabled is a brand new Warhammer Fantasy Podcast broadcasting out of sunny Connecticut, USA.

    On the show, your hosts, Greg and Jen Person, will discuss the hobby while painting their miniatures. Each episode will include conversation about what is currently being painted as well as a main topic that can be on any aspect of the hobby. Check the website to see "before and after" pictures of the models worked on during the episode.

    The idea for the show originated from the painting parties that the hosts and their friends like to throw. Everyone brings models to work on and while away the hours with good painting, hobby talk, and lots of laughs. Jen decided it was high time to record these sessions. Thus, Painting Tabled was born.
    .) Ohiohammer

    Their "about us" page isn't as concise. (Usually) 3 guys talking hobby.

    Btw, Two Gamer Radio's last episode was January 5, so I wouldn't write them off just yet.

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    Re: List of fantasy based Podcasts?

    Although nothing recent has been updated, Podhammer is still quite fun to listen to.

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