... starts singing in February.

I've been told the following:

  • no BT in the near future
  • DA are "in progress"
  • Eldar and Tau are being worked on, with Eldar further along than Tau

Concerning Chaos:

  • the book is done and almost at the printers
  • an Iron Warriors character (?) has been seen, with a huge servo harness
  • possible new Obliterators (plastic or Finecast?)
  • painted versions of all 4 cult terminators have been sighted - could be conversions though
  • plastic Plaguebearers on round bases have been sighted

The already "known" Necron wave was confirmed: 2 flyers, the big walker, the jet bikes, Wraiths and Spiders. I quote: "The wraiths and spiders did NOT look like a dual kit".

Another interesting quote:

There ware also a few Nids ready to go, the Tervigon/Tyranofex dual kit and a flyer that I wasn't familiar with, looked about lictor sized but more resembled a winged zoanthrope.
Confirms the usual suspects - but the other beasty sounds like the Parasite of Mortex to me, not the Harpy.

And last, but definetely not least: more flyers seem to be in the works, including an Ork Fighter! It seemed to be very similar to the FW version. No specific mention of a timeframe was given - expect it sometime the next six months.

The usual disclaimer: while I trust my birdies, you don't have to. Please don't take any of this as gospel.