BoyMilla: Thank you very much! I've not touched the Genestealers since the last post. pretty sure I rusted them up first, then added metal chips, then added two or three washes of Abaddon Black and Agrax, then added further chips and scratches. Hope that helps. Apologies for the ancient reply!

A year and a half since I last updated this! Not THAT much to add to it as I had other stuff on, however.......

Re-based 20x Gors, 10x Ungors, 10x Bestigors, a Swinotaur/Minoboar/whatever, and a bunch of kitbash mutants

Assembled 29 of these, including a bunch of kitbash mutants, and then finally finished painting them over a year later (the one on the far left in the second picture down is an older one, making it a nice round 30 unit of Ungor Spearmen)

More pictures of those here

And currently I'm re-basing what remains of my Beastmen. These are what I've done so far with only three Pestigors, five hounds and a Spawn to go.

All being well I should have an army shot of the Beastmen some time soon. I think it's about time I overcome my fear of painting large models and have a crack at either a giant or a ghorgon too.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend folks! (I'm still getting over the bug thats been going round here)