Here are some examples of what I think the 8th Edition Army book should include,

The Dwarves need a new 8th edition book...

Some common fixes that need to be badly addressed

- General Army Rules - Relentless (good), -1 move to flee, pursue (fluffy), army wide +2 to dispel as it stands now (suggest to make this an additional +1 for each runesmith/ +2 for each rune lord). The point for the +1/+2 adding is so that the Dwarves can keep up with all the level 4 casters.

- Flame Cannon (needs to be able to add runes, add range, and reduced cost by 20 points)

- Organ Gun (needs fixed, auto hits will vanish) - Points reduced (not nearly as effective with rolling to hit) and will probably be the least taken warmachine by far in 8th after the severe nerf, needs to be able to add runes.

- Anvil of Doom - Needs a One Thousand percent complete REWRITE. Should not require a Runesmith or Runelord, it should simply JUST WORK and not blow up (just like Engine of the Gods (just works), Cauldron of Blood (just works), Warshrine (just works) and so on. The points here are that the fluff of Dwarven engineering is that they are the best craftsmen in the Warhammer World.... yet they are the only army that has a 400+ toy that Blows up?????? Scratches head reads fluff and finds that the rules don't even come close to the fluff read in the army book...... Some buffs that may or should be included could be numerous and varied widely to include .. ASF, magical attacks (for the ethereal nasties), Ward Save, +1 Attack, Added charge range for 1 unit during declared charges phase, and any number of other ideas. The base line of adding a Dispel Die may stay or adding a bonus to dispelling like a cumulative +2,3,4 ?? After all, Dwarves are supposed to be the dispelling anti magic kings of the warhammer world. Points ~120, note that the buffs mentioned would only be 1 of the x,y,z mentioned with maybe the dispel bonus or Dispel die being stagnant. The Dwarf player would choose one buff of 3 provided like the cauldron of blood.

- Runic Standards/Weapons need changing to account for flaming attacks, magic attacks, multiple attacks to accommodate 8th edition rules (i.e. Hellpit, Hydra, etc...)

- Runic Talismans - I'd really, really entertain the idea of a 50 pt rune that can dispel an IF spell. For one reason really, anyone that wants to force a spell on a Dwarf Army is going to throw the 6 dice and pray for the IF. The Dwarves who are supposed to be the most anti-magic army are helpless where this is supposed to be their strength. It would be fluffy and can be implemented.

- Slayers - need serious built in buffs like flagellants of the Empire. They need to mirror flagellants but in their own style. Perhaps a built in 5+ Ward Save in combat/ 4+ Ward vs shooting/magic with Hatred first round. This makes them survivable enough to get to combat and then do some damage...

- Hammers/Iron Breakers - need a 2-3 point reduction. Why would a hammerer cost the same as a Grave Guard model. But does not cause fear, does not have killing blow, is subject to fear, terror, panic, and cost more points ??? Or they need to make Gromril armor standard with a 1pt decrease. Need to be able to take a runic standard that fits in line with the 8th edition basic rule book banners (Dwarves are mutually excluded from taking any magic items/banners from the BRB thus making them inferior).

-Thunderers / Quarrellers - are over pointed by 2 points... 14/11 points for one shot ??? or it would be even better if they got the move and shoot. I'd even like the idea of being able to swivel/pivot on the spot and shoot. Dark Elf crossbows get to move and shoot why can't Quarrellers ? Same type unit?

- Gyrocopter - I think this is fine as is... perhaps, a -2 armor save.

- Goblin Hewer - Bring this model back !!! The rules were awesome and I have one to field.

- Oath Stones are outdated - I have no suggestions for fixes as just standing in one spot to be magic missiled and shot at doesn't make any sense to me. The only idea that even remotely makes sense is if you place the oath stone as a challenge. If the challenge is won, then the stone may be picked up and can move as normal again. Not even sure what benefit it could or should add under these circumstances. I'm simply at a loss here. The fluff and the idea are sound, however, implementing rules for it is a tough proposition. Any ideas you may have would really be entertained by myself.

Note that this is not wish listing but rather some ideas of what I would expect the Dwarven book to include or have adjusted at a minimum to bring them in line with 8th edition rules and other army books.

An example would be, spirit host attacks a unit of Dwarven warriors. The Dwarven warriors or any unit of Dwarves can not have the ability in any way, shape, manner or form, to have Magical attacks. The only option is for a Dwarven Character to be in the unit with a runic weapon (very poor game design). The Dwarves have no reasonable viable response. Some would say, shoot them with your runic war machines (retort: so, that the bolt thrower can do up to 3 wounds IF it hits ??, same for the Cannon but for d6 wounds on ONE model ??? - this is not a viable option either).

So, this is my take on the Dwarves and the fixes that need to take place. We'll see what happens if/and/or when the 8th edition book is released. I will not be holding my breath until then.....

So, what are your thoughts on what you would expect to see in the 8th edition book? I'd like to hear other player's opinions.