This is the story of Herman Posner, one of Vlad's lieutenents who took over after Vlad's first "death" only to be killed when he resurrected...

Herman Posner, Lord of Blood Falls

Ganz staggered back. Posner saw him try to right himself before he toppled. It was a reflex action. He was already dead.
“Never did… like… you,” Posner managed. He broke off into a bloody gurgle of coughing. He raised his eyes to meet von Carstein’s condemning gaze. “Finish it then.”
“No,” Isabella von Carstein said, lucid for the first time in hours. “Let me.” She held out her hand for her husband’s blade.
The Vampire Count gave her the sword willingly.
Posner lowered his head, waiting for the final killing blow to fall.
And then he was dead.

However, like all of Vlad’s gets, death is not the end…


It was not a peaceful awakening, his scream ended as his mouth filled with grave dirt. Memories rushed into his skull, a man staggering backwards with a sword protruding from his chest, a sword sweeping in to claim his head, then nothing. He tried to look around, but unable to move, he realised his predicament. Panic set in, he raged for what felt like an eternity, struggling with all his formidable strength, slowly something gave, dead muscles bunched all the harder as he worked his way up, finally breaking the surface with a blood maddening howl. Morrslieb was high and power flowed through his limbs, his mind was in turmoil, his mind was drenched in blood, filling his thoughts with such an intensity nothing else mattered. Unleashing the beast within, there! It was faint but unmistakable, with a howl at the Chaos Moon, he set off with a bounding run, using all four limbs to swiftly cover the distance.

The hunters sat around their small fire enjoying their catch when they heard the first howls, glancing nervously at each other they continued their meal, unaware that they were now being hunted… After a while, Hans stood suddenly, “Did you hear that?” he asked, scanning the woods for threats. Suddenly alert, the hunters were on their feet weapons in hand, it did them little good as a blur suddenly sprang for the brush, knocking down 3 and tearing the throat from a fourth. Stunned by the ferocity of the attack the others looked on in horror as the beast gulped down their companion’s lifeblood greedily before setting its red eyes on them…

Ten minutes later Herman Posner sat by the small fire, surrounded by the remains of the seven hunters, wondering what had happened, he could see the blade falling so vividly, how did he still live? He searched his form, although his body had survived intact, nothing of his clothes remained except a few tattered rags, then, he felt it. Lifting it in his hand Posner remembered going through von Carstein’s pavilion after his death. Priceless trinkets lay everywhere but only this one had drawn him to it, a simple ruby, cut into a drop of blood and banded with black gold, hanging from a chain made from the same material. He felt the power within the gem filling him with life, Posner named it the Seed of Rebirth.


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