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Thread: March Releases

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    Do they really? I would think that any living Tyranids aren't redigested as that would be pretty energy inefficient so I think they just are brought back to the Hive Ship and made to hybernate until they arrive at the next planet.

    Also I feel like that would be annoying for something like the Swarmlord, which has to remember all of the times that it's been redigested, spawned, redigested spawned, and possibly killed at some point as well. I feel like that would get annoying eventually.
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    If your opponents are bog standard humans then the lasgun works just fine, 40k though features among other things genetically modified super soliders encased in inch thick armour and demonic creatures living on the essence of your emotions.
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    How would the Thousand Son's recruit fluff wise? And if they are disembodied spirits in power armour would the newbies have to go through rigorous physical training? Just wondering.....K

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    Well, yes. Thats what I was referring to. Its just that 40k battles are small skirmishes compared to planetary conquest.
    I always thought of it as being the focal point of a much larger battle. That's why we have things like chapter masters, the Swarmlord, Ork Warbosses and the like taking part in the fights, supported by artillery (why would there be an orbital strike on standby for a minor skirmish?) and outflanking enemies (arriving from another part of the battle to support friendly forces). 40k only representing minor skirmishes doesn't always make sense.

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    Re: March Releases

    This one clearly has run its course.

    Thread closed.

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