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Thread: Rats vs Elves - A Painting Saga

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    Rats vs Elves - A Painting Saga

    OK, this has taken a while but I have finally got a camera; so as promised in my sig since I joined its time to create a Project Log I have got quite a lot of minatures to paint but what I am building and trying to paint up are Skaven, Wood Elves and High Elves.

    Skaven: 1328 models, 711 painted (53.54%)

    High Elves: 554 models, 510 painted (92.06%)

    Wood Elves: 223 models, 120 painted (53.81%)

    The Images are from later in my plog.

    My other Plogs:
    Tomb Kings (from eBay)
    Chaos Rising (Beastmen and Daemons)
    Ultramarines Slowly Mobilize
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