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Thread: Chaos Cup 2012

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    Thumbs up Chaos Cup 2012

    Hey guys.... Main Guy Jonny P here, organizer of the US Major, the Chaos Cup.

    This year WILL be the biggest and baddest of them all!

    Nurgle King has graciously sponsored all mutations this year.... plus you can get custom dice, coins, patches, counters, t-shirts, and pitches all celebrating Chaos Cup 2012.

    Don't forget about our side games: Skaven-Ger Hunt, Triple Skulls, Guess the Dice, and a surprise game so secret even the guy doing it doesn't know what it is!

    Last year saw coaches from several states and also Canada and the Netherlands.... this year I already know of some UK guys who have booked!

    Book hotel and flights now and save some dough... lots to see in Chicago....and awesome food!

    Check out the vast Chaos Cup history and tons of pics at http://CHAOSCUP.COM

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    Re: Chaos Cup 2012

    Gotta say, last year was awesome, and I can't imagine it not being bigger and better!

    Hope to make it out again this year.
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    Re: Chaos Cup 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by jonny_p View Post
    Last year saw coaches from several states and also Canada

    lots to see and do in Chicago
    really wish I could make it out this year. timing just wasn't right.
    highly recommend this tournament to anyone - newbie or veteran.
    you will have a blast, guaranteed.

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