Game 2 Continued

Man of the Match – The Red Wyches

Hmm. A tough call, since most things performed hilariously badly. The Vets that couldn’t hit, the Backward Razorwing, the tardy Sentinels and the Incubi who never got going. The Leman Russ Squadron was probably the scariest thing on the board, but it was almost 600pts and didn’t kill that many back. The Trueborn about pulled even. The Wyches took out over double their points in one assault phase, and stopped two other tanks from doing anything. I should have committed them earlier.


Well that was fun! Ridiculous, ridiculous fun.

That devolved into one of the most bizarre games that I’ve ever had. It was fun playing with Retrofire Jets for a change. It’s looked down upon, but it’s a cheap upgrade, and made for some cool imagery.

While the mission was a bit of a failure in terms of the Guard getting anywhere, it was still good to play with different objectives and deployments in mind.

At the very least, this Crystal is mine. Soon, my plan will be fulfilled! Bwahahahahaha!

Amadeus regarded the Crystal with barely contained glee. It stood there, a physical manifestation of the triumph he felt in his heart.

“Well, well, Elias. Seems like you’ve found something interesting here,” said Kuras conversationally. Amadeus sighed deeply inside, but decided to put on his friendly face for the moment, as he was in a good mood.

“Yes, thank you Kuras. You are a reliable friend indeed.” Kuras’ smile at the compliment was sickening. It was always hard to know what was sincere and what was a façade when dealing with this Eldar. Amadeus wondered if the two were even separable. “You have received your payment?”

“One thousand slaves, all able bodied and healthy,” Kuras confirmed, “but I wonder, can even an Inquisitor make so many people disappear without raising questions?” It was Amadeus’ turn for an evil smile. Even Kuras was back-footed momentarily.

“Plenty more where they came from.”

“Well then,” said Kuras looking at the Crystal, “I’m curious. Maybe I’ll stick around for a while!”

Sforza personally observed the smoking wreckage of the battlefield. Storm Troopers were digging out any survivors they could they find. As to be expected when fighting the Dark Eldar, there weren’t many. Most would be destined for a slow death in Commoragh. He could see the form of Commissar Zayker been carried away by the medics. The Dark Eldar had left him for dead. Sforza had no idea what sort of Iron Will would allow a man to live through such injuries.

What an unexpected ally! He had no idea what sort of man would try to broker a deal with the most treacherous race in existence. At least they would as likely kill Amadeus as aid him. Sforza told himself not to be so naïve.

Also, this had raised the possibility of a rat within his own people. How far ahead had Amadeus planned to make that happen? He would have to tighten his already formidable security.

He turned back towards the base. He would need to find the next Crystal soon.