As promised ... I will copy what I wrote in my terrain blog so you can view the images and understand my intent.

Please critique and ask questions. Thanks in advance for your support.

Here is what I have done so far since I stopped working on this awhile back.

In brief I have worked on the sand bags and rusting any exposed metal, weaponry, and other assorted debris. I Still want to add some rusted razor wire over the barricades.

Attachment 135274

Here I have experimented with rust weathering pigments on one of the barricades.

Attachment 135275

Here I have experimented with rust weathering pigments on the barrels. The rust gave them just the needed touch of increase age. An aded bonus effect is the ability to make rust drainage or stains.

Attachment 135276

Although the picture is not as clear as I wanted this shows the proposed positioning of the battlefield debris. The idea is the weaponry was left when the position was run over and everything was left as is to rot and rust away. I may need to tone down the rust a bit on the ammo boxes. The Heavy Stubbers I am pleased with.

Attachment 135277

This is the proposed position for the Missile Launcher which has not has rust added yet. There are also details in the terrain which need work.

Attachment 135278

This is the outer view of the proposed positioning for the Heavy Stubbers. The weapon on the right will have a small rusted belt of ammunition still unused attached to it.

Attachment 135279