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Thread: Zemlod's assorted randomness - from Fantasy to SF and Historicals

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    Re: Zemlod's assorted randomness - from Fantasy to SF and Historicals


    Re: kobolds
    That's what I think as well. If you're living in a world whereencountering kobolds (or worse) is a real possibility, people are going to react to it. Maybe it's all the Pratchett influence, but I tend to assume that people even in a fantasy environment are still basically people. So if those kobolds abound, people will refer to them accordingly. Maybe as a 'pack', maybe as 'those pesky buggers'. But i agree with you. Using one of these terms makes it less out-of-the-ordinary and more of something that actually happens in that world...

    Speaking of actually happening. Guess what's happened here: Zombies!

    Again a bunch (or would that be a 'parliament' of zombies?) of Reaper Bones, this time from both the first and the second one combined. If I'm reading the module B2 correctly I will need up to 26 more of those, so again, just a quick drybrush job with some accents picked out.

    Also got to try the rather new blood paint from GW and I really like it. Two coats and it really looks like blood. Still undecided whether I want to use it on weapons, but it's perfect for fresh wounds or bloodstains...

    Next up: oh well, I'd best stop with making plans and look what happens

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    Re: Zemlod's assorted randomness - from Fantasy to SF and Historicals

    Awesome!! A parliament of zombies... Well... they do have a lot in common with parliament. I quite like the term herd myself.

    The blood effect is lovely, isn't it? I wouldn't use it on weapons. Realistically speaking, blood doesn't stick to weapons for very long, unless they are rusty.
    What I would do, however, is add some blood around the mouths of a couple of zombies, just to show they had a fresh meal. Make it trickle down and drench their clothes too. Not all zombies, just a few you have duplicates of, to make them stand out a bit.

    And to continue the interesting discussion on how to make your world more alive, I am sure I am not telling you anything new, but even better than a pack or murder or parliament of kobolds is of course something like the Black Eye Tribe. That makes them even more interesting.
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