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    1500 necron battle report

    This is my list. I ran it a local tournament.


    Overlord-phase shifter, semp weave, war scythe, mind shackle scarabs
    command barge-guass cannon

    Overlord-phase shifter, semp weave, war scythe, mind shackle scarabs
    command barge-guass cannon

    Royal court one
    harbinger of destruction-solar pulse
    harbinger of destruction -gaze of flame

    Royal court two
    harbinger of destruction-solar pulse
    harbinger of destruction-gaze of flame


    8 warriors-ghost ark

    8 warriors-ghost ark


    Doomsday arks

    Doomsday arks

    Ok, got to the final round of the local tournament and it was me vs the TO so we just split first and second. Didn't have time for a game.

    First game
    Dark mechdar

    2 of the following
    9 wyches ,homunculous, raider
    3 blasterborn in 2 cannon venom
    5 warriors, blaster venom

    And triple ravagers.

    My doomsday arks do buisness, dawn of war and 3 objectives all me to keep my d-arks safe and at one point explodes and immobilizes a vehicle in one shot. None of my troops die, but he contests all objectives. Tie breaker is kill points. I have 9 to his 3 because he killed an overlord and command barge in one round.

    Game 2 sisters of battle

    2 meltagun sister squads
    2 hand flamed jump pack squads
    Jacob and battle conclave in immolator
    3 exorcists

    4 objectives and pitch battle. If it could go wrong for my opponent it did. Immolator dies first shot. Battle conclave locked in combat with my lord for 4 player turns. Everyone dies save a crusader. To make it worse, he gets his few troops out and they promptly get doomsday arked. Was nasty. His vehicles wreck me when they start shooting, but luckly, celestine and crew run off leaving both my objectives free and him with none.

    Game three foot crons

    Command barge lord
    Pharon lord with Gauss immortals and veil
    10 Gauss immortals
    10 tesla immortals
    6 warriors in ghost ark
    5 warriors
    2 destruction teks in each warrior units.
    5 scarabs
    2 annihilation barges

    Spear head kill points.

    It was a good game. He also has the devils luck. Wrecks my barge with 2 s8 hits rolling boxcars to pen. He gausses a transport to death and even my nightfight roll to murder the ds squad was double ones .I have to show him someof stuff during the game. He plays slow and where I usually got 7 turn games in in an hour, we get to 5 and it stops in an hour and a half. My phase shifter alone causes me to win the game by the lord just not dieing. He kills most of my stuff to, I barely manage a victory with 8 kp to his 6

    Final round, we just split it. It's the tournament organizer and myself. The semi finals is blood angel vs blood angel and necron versus necron . We did the fluffy thing and worked together ...... I get 30$ in store credit and only got called cheese by the sisters player. Overall, it was a good day. My doomsday arks just murder everyone and it was even the topic of conversation amongst the other players. No one has really seen them in action and they wreck a lot of units as almost entire squads are blasted from the board every single game.
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