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Thread: Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company vs "The Librarians of the Thousand Sons"

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    Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company vs "The Librarians of the Thousand Sons"

    After months of sifting through the great oceans infinite strands of
    fate Ahzek Ahriman, Chief Librarian and Chapter Master of the Thousand
    Sons Exiles, found a trace on the 4th planet in subsector Eros. Just
    outside the Eros Habdome protective shield, amongst the ruins of a great
    Xeno library. The library was destroyed by the liberators of subsector
    Eros, the Emperors own Ultramarines.
    Ahriman immediately dispatched his most promising student, Librarian
    Urastan, to secure the site. To ensure his mission, an attachment of
    Rubric Marines of the 1st company are awoken and pressed into service
    once more. Equipped with precious Tactical Dreadnaught Armor, these
    stoic bodiless warriors fight relentlessly for whatever cause the
    Chapter Master sees fit.
    The nine travel to Eros four in secret, only to be discovered upon
    making planet fall as the Astropaths of Eros Habdome sense the tell tale
    warp signature of a teleportation. They immediately send a distress call
    knowing it can only mean trouble. The Ultramarines 2nd company, passing
    through the subsector on an escort mission, respond to the call. A new
    Librarian recruited from the 10th companies scout squads, accompanied by
    his former squad mates are being escorted back to Maccragge to complete
    his transition from the 10th.
    The young Librarian joined the Captain of the 2nd company planet side,
    waiting to hear back from assault squad and land speeder scouts sent out
    to report back on any sightings. The first to find the invaders were the
    assault squadron. The last thing they transmitted was a request for
    reinforcements. Nearby members of the 2nd companies devastators were
    quickly on the scene, even the terminator armor of the 15th Legion was
    no match for their combined firepower. Only the Librarian Urastan was
    able to make an escape.
    The rest of 2nd company arrived to fortify the positions of the
    devastators, only to find a full scale attack lead by none other than
    the renegade exile Ahriman himself. The members of the devastator squads
    took up optimum positions among the ruins, with clear fields of fire to
    the new enemies approach. Fully four squads and their Rhino transports
    never made it to the battlefield.
    The Ultramarine tactical squad deployed to recover the remainder of
    their assault squad who were wounded when they engaged the Thousand Sons
    1st company terminators. The veterans of the 1st company Thousand Sons
    laid down a torrent of fire from their ensorcelled combi-bolters making
    a mockery of the marine power armor.
    Ahriman's attack plan worked precisely as expected, as the
    devastators were distracted, a Vindicator clearing a path for two Rhinos
    outflanked the devastators positions. Two more squads exited their Rhino
    transports and proceeded to secure the relic. Under the direction of
    their Librarian Adepts the first squad formed a perimeter as the other
    went about the task of excavating the area. A third Rhino squad followed
    a Vindicator siege breaker tank towards the Ultramarine 2nd company
    heavy weapons.
    Even with the awesome power of the demolisher cannon, the devastators
    had dug in too well. Their training and experience in countless battles
    across a thousand worlds had proven proof against the siege engine. The
    Ultramarine return fire made short work of the mighty battle tank, but
    in doing so had offered many targets of opportunity for the Thousand
    Sons ensorcelled bolts.
    Meanwhile, clear across the battlefield, Ahriman and his Thousand Sons
    were making their way to secure the 2nd relic from its earthen tomb.
    With cover fire from the mighty demolisher cannon, Ahriman's Rhino
    was able to breach the defense perimeter, while the 2nd Rhino attempted
    to sneak in under the fire of the poised Devastator and Tactical squad.
    The squad holding the perimeter was nearly destroyed by Ahriman and his
    Thousand Sons when they were ordered to withdrawn by the young
    Librarian. Even the enchanted armor of the Thousand Sons is no match for
    the tremendous warp energies he could channel with a thought.
    Unfortunately the young Librarian did not know the sorceries employed by
    the Thousand Sons are an irresistible lure for many of the denizens of
    the warp.
    The green Librarian attempted to channel a Vortex of Doom, knowing it
    was his only hope against the heretics of the 15th legion. Were it not
    for the power of his psychic hood, his mind would have been flayed by
    the daemons laying in wait. The Captain and his squad, unfazed by the
    struggling Librarian, take aim. "Purify them!" spat the Captain
    as three Thousand Sons were felled by the powerful Plasma guns of the
    Ultramarine Honor Guard. The Captain, now aware of Ahriman's true
    intentions, issued new orders to his company; destroy the relics!
    As if on cue, the scouts in their land speeder transport arrived.
    Seeing their fellow Ultramarines pinned down by the devastating
    firepower of the Vindicator siege tank, the swooped into action. Their
    melta guns made short work of the Vindicator's armor. With the armor
    now destroyed, the squad placed demolition charges into the hull,
    destroying the battle tank in a shower of sparks and debris.
    The destruction of the siege tank allowed a squad of Ultramarines to
    advance on the Thousand Sons attempting to sneak under the Devastators
    fire. The slow and purposeful advance of the Enchanted Armor gave the
    tactical squad the advantage as they charged into combat after unloading
    with their bolt pistols. The Thousand Sons were all but destroyed in the
    ensuing swirling melee.
    The Space Marine Captain proved no match for Ahriman and his Thousand
    Sons, their force weapons stealing the lives of him and his Librarian.
    Only the squads Apothecary survived the initial assault, though he
    wished he hadn't. With a swift flick of his wrist, Ahriman accessed
    the Space Marine genome, visiting upon the unsuspecting apothecary the
    flesh change that had plagued his own legion centuries earlier. Not all
    gifts of the warp are beneficial, as the now formless pool of flesh and
    tissue sank to the floor into a crater left by the demolisher cover
    Perhaps it was the sudden loss of leadership or some other sinister
    sorcery, but the tactical squad could not finish off their nearly
    defeated foe. With only a Librarian Adept and a single Rubric bodyguard
    surviving the initial charge, the Ultramarines were finding no purchase
    with any of their close combat attacks. The nearby scout squad, hoping
    to catch the two Thousand Sons unaware, charged in behind them. The
    Librarian Adept, as if guided with vision behind his head, rounded on
    these new attackers, slashing three as their now soulless bodies
    collapsed on the floor. With their surprise assault blunted so
    completely, the two squads of Ultramarines decided to fall back to the
    devastators cover fire.
    With the captains dying order fresh in their ear, the 2nd companies
    Rhinos were rapidly advancing on the distant relic. With cover fire from
    three squads, their approach was assured. Just as the Rhino's got
    into the range of another Thousand Sons Librarian Adept, the warp
    energies he was about to summon backfired leaving him incapacitated. His
    warriors fought in vain, their weapons useless against the hull of the
    Rhino transports barreling in on them.
    Having silenced a good measure of the devastator squad, the Thousand
    Sons whose approach was gained by the sacrifice of the Vindicator Siege
    Tank, embarked into their own Rhino transport ready to match steel for
    steel. Reinforcing the two squads tasked with securing the relic, the
    Rhino functioned as a road block preventing one Ultramarine squad from
    reaching their target. The other two Rhinos managed to break the
    blockade, their way paved in the blood of their fellow Ultramarines. The
    relic, only recently unearthed was quickly destroyed by the Storm
    Bolters of the two Rhino crews.
    The last remaining relic lay under the watchful eye of Ahriman himself
    as his Thousand Sons went about the task of unearthing it. The
    Devastators standing guard were his only problem. With a total
    concentration he unleashed a torrent of energy that melted their armor
    and licked clean the flesh from their bones. Still spent from the
    exertion the Chief Librarian was caught unawares by the falling back
    scouts and tactical squads, still under pursuit by the thousand sons
    that stole the lives of their new recruits, managed a few lethal salvoes
    from their bolters, dropping the ancient Chapter Master where he stood.
    The Land Speeder, having dropped off their payload of scouts, makes a
    last minute dash to destroy the captured relic. The Land speeders
    Multimelta, trained on the relic it is about to vaporize, gets shot from
    a Thousand Sons Sorcerer Adept knocks out its targeting system. The
    Thousand Sons, finished gathering the relic and started to retreat. The
    Land Speeder, left with no other choice, makes the ultimate sacrifice by
    crashing into and destroying the Xeno relic.
    The remaining Thousand Sons gather up their wounded, including what
    remained of their 1st Company terminators. Ahriman, on one knee, had the
    force teleported back onto the battle barge, having lost that which he
    came for. His plans ruined, he must be sated with the fact that he was
    able to recover his fallen wounded to fight another day in pursuit of
    knowledge and the power that comes with it.

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    Re: Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company vs "The Librarians of the Thousand Sons"

    Very nice batrep, just unsure what the mission was and how it played out...was it a win/loss/draw? But still, some decent writing!
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    Re: Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company vs "The Librarians of the Thousand Sons"

    Thank you ShadowLord. The mission was Capture and Control, with a secondary objective of retreive the fallen. At the beginning of the battle, a fallen token was placed to represent a wounded soldier that needed rescuing. It was a pretty close fight, but on his last turn, he contested both objectives, causing a tie. The secondary objective was won by me, as I was able to wipe out the unit that had retrieved his wounded soldier.

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    Re: Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company vs "The Librarians of the Thousand Sons"

    @Axeman1n: tyvm for the clarifiacation! It makes reading your batrep even more appealing! Gratz on the result and keep up the writing, because I like this more then any youtube thingy I've ever seen!!
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