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Thread: Curse of the Revenant vs Red Fury

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    Curse of the Revenant vs Red Fury

    Based on a lord with this current set up, which of the above would be best?

    Heavy Armour Black Periapt Great Weapon +3 Magic Levels Talisman of Preservation

    The basic units in my army are mass hordes (40-60 strong) of core troops with some support.

    Opponents are Bretonnians, High Elves, Dwarves

    Games played using Vampire Counts 7th/8th: W/D/L: Dwarves: 3/0/3, Bretonnians: 0/1/2, High Elves: 1/0/1, Vampire Counts: 1/0/0

    No games played using Warriors of Chaos, yet!

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    Warriors of Chaos most recent purchase: Chaos Spawn (with extra bits)

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    Re: Curse of the Revenant vs Red Fury

    Curse would be best since that's not a particularly combaty lord.

    Honestly though, I'd take neither with that setup make sure he doesn't get stuck into any heavy fighting by bunkering him up.

    If you want casty, consider taking a master necro (keep him cheap, lvl4 and maybe one magic trinket) for the bunker and then a vampire lord kitted out for combat; red fury, beguile, nightshroud, heavy armor, shield, weapon of choice and magical trinkets of taste.
    Armies: Tyranids, Space Marines, and Tau in 40k. I have a Vampire Counts army nearly ready for action.
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