Hello to you all. I would just like to say i have been a very very long time reader of Warseer and thought it was about time to join up. I have played Wh40k since 2nd edition, i played quite a few armies before i finally settled in to play Chaos. Chaos has been my army of choice since late 2nd edition as i love the fluff and conversion elements of chaos. Sadly i stopped collecting and playing since the last abomination of the Chaos codex ( i still play now and again just no where near what i use to ) it just put a really sour taste in my mouth. With the upcoming release of a new Chaos Codex i am hoping to start up this hobby i love once again. Anywho i would just like to say hello to everyone and look foward to discussing the Wh40k universe with all of you in the future.

Cheers Lucious.