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I'm having a terrible run at Silver matches, clipping problems (I end up floating above the base unable to target or see anything but able to be killed), disconnects when killed and getting put in a group with three infiltrators where everyone would target me and their slow firing sniper weapons didn't seem to thin out the crowd much. I also haven't seen a medi-gel drop in ages even in equipment boxes which I thought always have them.
Haven't had the "all infiltrator" issue. But I have seen an awful lot of level 1s (with N7 rank 1, so they don't have a higher level alternate character) in Silver match lobbies. I also saw one Silver lobby with two rank 4s.


Overload is still useful against organic unshielded targets. It has a chance of briefly stunning them. And if the stun triggers, then it pops them out of cover (they stand up when they get stunned). I've found that VERY useful against Nemesi. If you get both "additional nearby target" skill ranks, then it's also handy against clustered troops. So far, I've been loving my Turian Sentinel against Reapers. Overload for the stun as well as knocking down shields on Marauders (had one wave in which I was defending the rear of the "encampment" and single-handedly picked off several Marauders; two appeared at first, I overloaded the shield of one at long range, head-shot it with my battle rifle, and then another appeared to replace the dead one) and barriers on Banshees, and Warp for use against Brutes and Ravagers, and the armor on Banshees.