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    Re: Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

    Throughout the Mass Effect series I've never really mixed up my squad much, so the selection doesn't bother me either way.

    In ME3 my squad tended to be EDI/Javik or Liara/Tali, so either way I get a Biotic and a Tech. I avoid the Soldiers, except very rarely taking Garrus if I know something big needs taking out.

    Bonus power was Javik's Dark Channel - unfortunately it unlocks VERY late in the game so I don't get much use from it, but once I have it I drop Javik and go EDI/Liara or EDI/Tali

    Ashley has always been boring as hell, but she looked nice which is why I let Kaiden die. Pretty sure next time I'm just gonna shoot Ash in the face for questioning me. Apparently Kaiden gets Reave, which was fantastic on Samara in ME2
    (My team for most of the suicide mission was Mordin/Samara:
    *Incinerate* *Incinerate* *Reave* )

    The more people who can have assault rifles the better, too - the Prothean particle rifle is a beautiful goddess of a weapon, and crossing the streams on a banshee brings me great joy (does bugger-all damage though)

    I find difficulty spiked any time the game sent 3+ brutes at you in a confined space (Like summoning the thresher - I just ran like hell) or multiple banshees. Dear god do I hate Banshees.

    The final boss was pretty tough too. Much respect, Guardian Shields

    Edit: Oh, and regarding the ending, apparently a real "Final Boss" would have been too Video Gamey. well, this kind of conundrum has been resolved before. The Jesus thing is lame.
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