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Thread: Sample army lists.

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    Sample army lists.

    Hi I am trying to get into Epic but making an effective army list seems to elude me. I guess it's because I haven't played a game. I am looking for some sample SM, Ork, IG, and Eldar.

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    Re: Sample army lists.

    This thread might be of use from TacComs

    Starting player armylist repository project

    Edit: One addition I have to make though. There is very few things which do not work in epic lists (in IG, Griffon upgrade is pretty useless). So I would suggest couple of points. First, always use Supreme Commander with any army. Second, look into the lists for a playing style which suits you and create the list based on that.
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    Re: Sample army lists.

    in addition to Hena's suggestion, I would say that epic isn't so much about list building as the 28mm scale GW games, and some armies (eldar for example) are a lot less forgiving to a beginner (they also have multiple distinct builds, there isn't really a 'generic, take all comers' eldar list in my experience)

    there is a great website: here with an army builder for all the major lists so you can play around with different builds very quickly and all the sums are done for you

    Additionally there are certain builds which are common in tournaments (space marines with thunderhawks and landing craft springs to mind) but less so in 'friendly' play

    I would recommend something along the following for IG (my main army) the points may need tweaking....

    Reg HQ with flak - for nabbing objectives and the important SC re-roll
    infantry company with flak - garrison an objective, fire support could be added here
    tank/heavy tank company with flak - some armour and solid firepower, I prefer Superheavies in this role, but some like Russes, it's up to you

    artillery battery - many prefer manticores for the extra BP, but all 3 are sound choices (I love bombards for hitting enemy garrisons)
    artillery battery
    hydra battery
    sentinels - for guarding your artillery or vulnerable stuff against teleporters
    deathstrikes/shadowsword - deathstrikes are more powerful, but one shot, a shadowsword can hang around making a nuisance of itself

    warhound titan - speedy and hard hitting, they are quite fragile though, try to keep them alive and within 75cm of your opponent's blitz on turn 3
    warhound titan
    thunderbolts - solid ground attackers and interceptors

    you can then tweak it to suit your tastes and playstyle, you might want to add stormtroopers in valkyries and rough riders to go all-out assault, just bear in mind that guard struggle to keep a high activation count so always aim for a minimum of 9, you can gain an extra activation by downgrading your Reg HQ to a standard mechanised company and buying a sentinel platoon with the spare points....
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