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Thread: Wasteland 2

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    Wasteland 2

    Could anyone please explain to me what the game Wasteland was like and whether or not I should back the sequel?
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    Re: Wasteland 2

    Sorry to resurrect this thread but seeing as BorderKing didn't receive any replies...

    Wasteland was a Post Apocalyptic RPG released by Interplay in 1988. The Fallout games, while not true sequels, are considered the spiritual successors to Wasteland.

    Technically it's a pretty primitive game even by the standards of the day but from what I recall (haven't played it for ages) it's a great game once you get into it and if you can get past the graphical limitations.

    My take on this sequel is that it's an attempt to bring the post apocalyptic franchise started by Wasteland back to its true RPG roots. I'm really excited about it - while I enjoyed FO:3 and FO:NV, I couldn't help but feel disappointed that so many of the RPG elements were stripped away.

    In a nutshell: well worth supporting!

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