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Thread: Death korps of krieg, 546th Infantry regiment

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    Death korps of krieg, 546th Infantry regiment

    We were born in mud, we fight in mud and we die in mud!

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen. This is a rework of my old kriegsmen that were simply gathering dust in a box. At the start of the project I had about 1500pts of kreigsmen including tanks so I will start with a list what I is done at the moment.


    In paintstripp


    So lets begin shall we?

    Platoon commandsquad Katzynky Pictures page 3

    1stGorgon Infantrysquad Pictures page 3
    2ndGorgon Infantrysquad Pictures page 3
    6thInfantrysquad Pictures page 2
    5thInfantrysquad Pictures Pictures Page 3
    Autocannon squad Pictures Page 5

    Quatermaster and servitors Pictures Pictures Page 3-4

    Company commandsquad Pictures Pictures Page 4
    5 deathriders Pictures Page 5
    4th Gorgon Infantrysquad Pictures page 6
    Lemon russ battletank Pictures Page 5
    Lemon russ battletank
    Lemon russ exterminator/demolisher/punisher Pictures page 6
    Stormlord Super heavy tank+ Death korps crew

    Platoon commandsquad Pictures Pictures Page 4
    3rd Gorgon Infantrysquad Pictures Page 5
    7th Infantrysquad pictures Pictures Page 4
    9 grenadiers Pictures Page 5

    Captain, Commissar Ivanka Kurginova Pictures page 6

    Armies on parade displayboard Pictures Pictures page 4

    The first few pages is simply some trial and error painting ideas, the good stuff comes after page two.

    I hope you like it!
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