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Thread: Making your own monsters/units in warhammer?

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    Re: Making your own monsters/units in warhammer?

    I do not think he hihg enough in points. He is pretty broken.
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    Re: Making your own monsters/units in warhammer?

    I have done High Elf Maiden guard before. Same statline as phoenix guard, equipped with spears and longbows, special choice, 15 points per model. Option for a magic banner which gives them 2 shots each or +1 A per model for 1 round of combat / shooting phase and costs 50 points.

    I also want to do Deaths Head of Ostermark but the problem is they are thematically supposed to be good vs undead and I don't like anti one army choices. I was thinking simply have a parent unit can upgrade for +10 points and autopasses the first fear check it has to take. Simple and cheap.
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    Re: Making your own monsters/units in warhammer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Loki73 View Post
    Both of us our hobby oriented by modeling and painting first and rules second. It doesnt win games in the "scene" but it enhances our fun and love of the hobby.
    I think the answer to your question can mainly be found in this statement. A lot of people play in an environment that has a mentality that the game itself is very important. Modeling and painting are usually important too to varying degrees, but the game usually always comes first. Even though the game is not balanced, if everyone plays by the same rules, then everything is equally fair for everyone. Once you start making up your own rules, you risk people getting annoyed if they get beaten by an army that uses non-standard rules, and that they might feel the homebrew rules reduced their fun.

    Basically, when people feel that the fairness and integrity of the game is important, using homebrew rules can throw a spanner in the works and it is just much more simple to stick with the rules as written most of the time. I think that is the basis of why we don't see more focus on homebrewing in the hobby.

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