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    Re: Autumn of Fliers

    Hears some new info...

    I expect releases for tau, eldar, dark eldar before end of August.

    Based on what I've heard/seen

    Eldar are getting a dual kit. A fighter, bomber/heavy attack, and transport were in the works. The heavy attack craft and transport most share a design aesthetic. So this is what I am expecting.

    Tau are getting a fighter/gunship in a single kit. Roughly the size of a Stormtalon. Has new missile options. Not the existing tau seekers.
    Rule wise ( remember Im not good at getting accurate rule info, so add your own salt and keep it off the forum please) its supposed to take advantage of markerlights in a different way...allowing for indirect fire on any target in range with a markerlights on it from any other tau unit. This is with all it's weaponry, not just missiles. Or so the rumor goes.
    Tau have a transport flyer also which should be out with the codex, not before.

    Dark eldar should finally see their bomber.

    And the most interesting bit, which some may have already had a hint of, there is a third Necron flyer, it uses one of the sprues from the new scythe kit...but don't hold your breath for it...I don't expect it until 2013-...ish....

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