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    Enders Chaos Dwarf P-log

    Been awhile since I starte a new obsesive project...and I just got the 1 week (or so ) warning that lists are do for this large tourney I'm heading too. I had intended to go with the new Chaos Dwarves, but...many things were still in plastic bagies. So, crunching the numbers, Yikes! I need to get cracking. So I figure if I can get them all assembled for at least some playtesting and then get 2 units painted (not based) by the deadline, I will comit and run the fiesty little buggers. So I was gluing like mad last weekend and base here is what I got
    Hell Glaves Assmebled. These were so annoying. Assembling hell glaves must be one of the worst tass assigned to slaves in Azgoroth. The hands and elbows are all seperate, what a gluey mess my fingers were at the end.

    Here is a blury shot of some old school plastics with new lids (helmits) to represent infernal guard. More of these better as I work on the helmits

    war machines,


    And here was the bigest project. A unit of Kdaai

    Those are converted from Minotour bodies and Bloodcrusher bits

    8 Days left until list submission...
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