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Thread: My hands, they too are golden (PH Word Bearers)

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    My hands, they too are golden (PH Word Bearers + Custodians)

    Hello everybody, thanks for checking out this painting log

    The Project

    As you probably have figured out by now, I’m doing a Word Bearers army. As is often the case, I will be using the term “pre-heresy” somewhat loosely to describe the army. While my force will be in loyalist colors and will feature (with a couple of obvious exceptions) the loyalist units, anyone who has read ADB’s The First Heretic knows that the seeds of the rebellion were planted decades before Istvaan.

    When it comes to my growing addiction to Forgeworld Space Marines, I blame it all on the Horus Heresy novels. Pretty much every time I read a book I say to myself, “Damn, I should totally do this army next!” By the time I read The First Heretic, I actually decided to follow through. All along I hated the Word Bearers, so imagine my surprise when ADB writes a book so damn interesting that I start to fall in love with the primarch and his hubris. Argel Tal and the Ocularis Imperator made for an interesting arc as well, and of course it provides a welcome challenge for any hobbyist – finding a way to convert the Adeptus Custodes.

    More than anything, this army is an excuse to buy shiny resin models and try out some new painting techniques (including learning how to use my airbrush on infantry sized models). I’m a hobby first kind of guy, which means that I am more interested in putting models in my display cabinet and occasionally rolling some dice than crushing face. This will be reflected in the fairly haphazard list, which features more or less 1-2 each of all the things I feel like painting.

    The List

    I will mostly be basing this off the standard Marine codex, simply because it provides the most options. Once in a while I'll use another codex if I want to throw in a unit that doesn't fit well in the vanilla book. Custodes, for example, work well as Lone Wolves. They are brilliant individual fighters, as opposed to a unit or independent character that would join squads. And as the Heresy nears, the babysitters aren't terribly welcome among the ranks of the Word Bearers. Seems about right for Lone Wolves that are designed to get themselves killed...

    The list may help or hinder me in games, but whatever. Not the point. More than anything, this is a shopping list

    The Aurelian - Lorgar (most likely converted from Helldorado’s Augustinus Raimond)
    Erebus (Emperor damn his bones)
    Kor Phaeron (his, too)
    Argel Tal
    Random Thousand Sons Sorcerer (can’t say no to the Sevrin Loth kit)
    Master of the Forge w/ C-beamer (Rapier laser destroyer conversion)

    8x Thousand Sons Sternguard (various powers = ammo types)
    Contemptor Dreadnought (purchased Assault cannon and one each of the CCW arms)
    Probably Terminators eventually
    5x Gal Vorbak (by far the most Chaosy stuff in the list… will bust them out once in a while for variety using Death Company rules, probably)
    3x Adeptus Custodes (Lone Wolves rules?)

    2x10 Tactical Squads
    Probably 1 Deimos Rhino
    10x Sniper Scouts (have the models, so why not!)

    Heavy Support:
    6x Devastators with Rocket Launchers
    Probably a Deimos Predator
    Armored Land Raider Proteus (likely with Redeemer weapons)

    Estimated cost of this project: Eleventy Billion Dollars

    So that’s the long-term plan. Lorgar spent about 40 years building his Legion in anticipation of the Heresy, I figure I can probably keep a similar timeline without too much pressure

    Honor Roll (Inspiration from other army projects)

    As I get off my butt and start keeping track of these things, I will give a shout out to the painters whose projects have inspired me to keep working. I’m terrible at following through with armies, each new release gives me shiny things to lust after, but seeing so many of the kickass army logs (including many pre/post Heresy era armies) really gets me excited to have some Word Bearers to put on the battlefield.

    DPA's Big Pre Heresy Log of Everything! - Great blog with lots of inspiring projects, including Adeptus Custodes.
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