Here is a WIP picture of my Warploque Miniatures Death Kiwi:

I redid the base a bit, because it will join the Bayourks faction now. So it will need a bit of swamp on there.
The painting started with some colour, then I went grey to bind it all together. Now I will start to pull those colours apart again with a few layers or drybrushes in some colours. At first I wanted a bright birdy, but now I think I will go for the real "kiwi" look, which is brown and greys. By starting with colours I will have some yellow, red and blue in there as well.

I made this picture to show it always looks pretty bad halfway through, but after adding many layers of different and very thin colours it will look great in the end. And very natural, which s kinda important on just a birdy (with a vicious beak and talons).