Ok guys, before I start I just want to get this out of the way. I am not complaining about the rumoured new rules for the Empire detachments, I am actually looking forward to the new army rules and can't wait for the release.

I just wanted to get opinions on the rumoured change to the detachments rules.

The currently held belief is that the detachments gain the special rules of their parent unit, can't be targeted by the enemy unless they are closer than the parent unit and the cost of them comes from the same section as the parent unit (e.g. taken with a core unit they come out of core, special they come out of special). The problem some people have with this is that they feel it's too much of a red pen solution to the problem that was the old rules.

Now I think this is a good idea, and has obviously been costed with the troops by the increased points of state troops.

A while back I had suggested a few ways they could make the detachments rules better, and they were as follows:

- Make detachment models free based on the number of models you take in the parent unit (you get 1 model in the detachment for every two you take in the parent unit)

- Allow parents to use the supporting charge/fire and counter charge rules that detachments get (why would the Imperial army only train those in the detachments to countercharge or supporting fire or charge and not the members of the parent units?)

- Make it so that the enemy can only charge parent units unless the detachment is further forward than the parent unit. (Looks like this was kind of picked up)

So, do people think the new rules are good, or would they prefer one of my variants?

THE \/ince