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Thread: Chris_Tzeentch does Trollbloods - well, sort of...

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    Chris_Tzeentch does Trollbloods - well, sort of...

    Well I finally decided to start a new Hordes faction. I dabbled with Circle and Skorne in the past, but it was never quite right. I have quite a substantial Gator force assembled, but seeing as they dont have a battle engine or a Colossus equivalent (yet), I wanted to try a main faction I hadn't done before. Being a Cryx and Gator player means that firepower is rather thin on the ground, so I decided to try a firepower heavy faction, so Gunnbjorn seemed an obvious choice to start with. I want to build a 50 point force initially, and take it from there.

    My usual commission painter will be handling all the painting, but I will be doing any basing.

    First up is the original Gunnbjorn model :-

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