Good evening, members of Warseer.

I am delighted to announce that Dark Magenta is making available to the Inquisitor gaming community another excellent article - Everything You've Been Told (About Women) Is A Lie. This short piece, written by Keiran Mathers, discusses the subject of creating convincing female characters in the Inquisitor game, and moving away from the commonly observed female stereotypes that crop up again and again in tabletop wargames. We very much hope you enjoy it.

Now, our usual plea. With the publication of this article, the Dark Magenta pipeline is temporarily dry. Until we get some more content submitted by readers, there's going to be a break in our publication schedule. We need your help to keep publishing excellent content so, if you like what you read, please consider how you can contribute modelling articles, new characters archetypes, scenarios, battle reports or opinion pieces to Dark Magenta. We're looking forward to hearing from you!