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Is having fifteen files rather than one really that inconvenient?

I'm amused.
Strictly, they're different complaints and 'really that inconvenient' doesn't capture much. Yes, it's a nuisance. Is it 14p's worth of nuisance? Exactly? I think we know fine well that the question is sillier than the statement "I'm happy to pay 14p for the convenience"; the flow and implications respectively are quite different.

Downloading 15 at once, transferring them all, keeping track of them then flicking between them - yep, hassle. The H&B Year One download was mighty handy that way. Just a big ol' pile of stuff, easy to move through. Handy.

(It's also nice that the H&BY1 is cheaper than all of 'em together. It does seem odd for it and offers questions with regards to the pricing policy & matrix. Nevertheless, most things aren't well accounted in this regard - who knows why anything's priced as they are; I know I for one am taking a big ol' pile of it on faith.)