Fantasy Army: Empire
Hi folks,

Since the new Empire book has me fired up (and painting!), I thought I'd put together an army list and actually try to get into 8th ed. I've not played much of it so far, most of my experience being at the Doubles event last November where me and a friend went along with some Dwarfs and Ogres for fun. It was a really enjoyable weekend, and it's a shame I haven't played much since then really.

So, this list is written with a Stirland River Patrol theme in mind. It's not going to be a pure gamey list, but I want to be able to compete, and who knows, I might make it to the odd tourney with it. As I mentioned before, I've not played a great deal of 8th, so this list is written based on some advice from a friend, and the internet.

General of the Empire
-w/ Full Plate, Talisman of Endurance, Giant Blade, Potion of Speed

Wizard Lord (Death, Lvl 4)
-w/ Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod

Captain of the Empire (BSB)
-w/ Full Plate, Standard of Discipline

Wizard (Beasts, Lvl1)
-w/ Dispel Scroll

Wizard (Life, Lvl1)
-w/ Sceptre of Stability

38 Swordsmen w/ Cmd
40 Spearmen w/ Shields + Cmd
10 Crossbowmen
10 Crossbowmen
20 Archers

Great Cannon
Great Cannon
3 Demigryph Knights + Cmd
3 Demigryph Knights + Cmd

Helblaster Volley Gun


The General and BSB sit with the Swordsmen for a LD10 rerollable bubble. I'm also tempted to split them though, so that both blocks get Ld9 re-rollable on 3D6.

The Wizard lore choices are a mix of theme and effectiveness - I hope that the Level 1s will help with buffing the basic troops even with the signature spells, and the Level 4 should help with some hexs and general destructiveness. I think they'd probably sit in the shooty units - I'm considering splitting the Archers in to 2x10, or maybe bunker the Level 1s in them together.

Between 20 Crossbows, 20 Bows, 2 Cannons and a Helblaster, I hope to have enough firepower to make a start at wearing horde units down, and pop a couple of the big beasties too. This then means my buffed core blocks, with the assistance from the Demigryphs, should be able to wipe up what is left.

All very vague planning, so in short, shoot stuff then hit it with magic-enhanced sticks. How hard can it be?

I'd like to keep the theme reasonably in tact, so not tooooo much blackpowder (my backstory excuse for the cannons and Helblaster is that they're mounted on the river patrol ships), and I'm not sure if I'm too bothered about either of the wizard platforms. I've also already painted some Swordsmen and Crossbowmen, so I'd quite like them in the list. But other than that, please feel free to rewrite my list into tiny little pieces.

Thanks for your help in advance!