Hey guys,

So I am doing a wizard of every college for my Empire, and I am left with just three left to finish.
They are the wizards using the following.

Lore Of Metal - (Just need a good staff top). Carries a lead ball being turned into gold.
Lore of Life - (need a staff top and a head). Carries a potion of life in one hand
Lore of Beats - (Need extra adornment). Has a white birch staff and an outstretched hand.

BEASTS Now my Amber wizard is technically complete, he is painted in brown cloaks and garb, with a flagellant head for the bestial style look. He has a sack of bones/bits on his back too.
His staff is a wooden branch type thing, and he has a palm up hand.
Now the trouble is, I want a big difference from him to my Life wizard. So I was thinking perhaps a couple of animals on there.
I'm thinking a bird, raven crow etc or whatever on his palm up hand, then maybe a little animal on the base too.
Any ideas on what models I could use to create this?

METAL The Gold wizard, again is mostly done. I'm going to paint him up with golden robes etc, he has the head from the wizard box but I gave him the crystal ball from that kit, to paint as mentioned above. I'm not too sure on any of the staff tops for him in the kit.
Are there any other good options out there perhaps?

LIFE So this is the one I haven't done much with yet. It's going to be painted with a rich green cloak and a lightish one for under robes areas.
I have the left hand with the potion from the wizard kit, cloud of skull-ness clipped off.
I need a good Druidic looking head, not beast like or wild necessarily though, and I'm a bit stumped there as what to go for. Then also for the staff again I want to get a sickle topper for it, but am not sure where to procure this..

Has anybody got any good thoughts on a sickle, druid head, animals and gold wizard staff ideas.
Any kits that have bits in etc?

Any help appreciated =)