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Thread: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

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    Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Hi guys, this is my painted version of the plastic Kommander Sorcha ( Khador - Warmachine ). She was a gift from a dear friend.
    She was painted for my personal collection, and im so happy with the results and the water effects that i made.

    What do you think??

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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Well done on the painting and basing for that miniature! It has a beautifully unified palette of colours and that effect you managed with the water/mist/smoke trailing from her hand looks fantastic.

    Cool blog too! There's some very interesting stuff on there

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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Absolutely brilliant mate. I love the model and your painting is spot on. The base and water just adds that little something. It is by far one of the best Sorchas I have seen!
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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    The basing is absolutely amazing I think..
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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Looks great, and really captures her character too!
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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Thanks guys, now im working in a commision job, a Complete Khador Army. I will update soon!

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    Re: Warmchine: Kommander Sorcha

    Looks real cool. I added you to a compilation of PP Project Logs in the Privateer Press section of the forums. Shoot me a PM when you get your Khador Army up here and Ill add that too, if its not on the same thread.
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