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Thread: 1st 1000 pts tomb kings

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    1st 1000 pts tomb kings

    I'm just starting to get back into fantasy (I played back in 2005), and I've decided to go with tomb Kings. I'm gonna post the list and describe how I plan to use everything.

    Liche priest lv 2
    tomb prince, Enchanted shield, dragonbane gem, biting blade

    16 skeleton archers - liche priest hides here, and it goes after small units, eagles, etc. while staying close enough to my line for the hp to buff units, but far enough where I can react if they breakthrough (I know the only charge reaction for my type of undead is to hold, but some distance gives me time to figure out what to do). If i'm playing againist elves i'll use it againist their elite units as well because they tend to be lightly armoured and t3.

    3 chariots - I want to deploy them across from a unit without too many ranks so I can try to break through.

    19 tomb guard, full command, standard of the undying legion - Center of my line, prince goes here hopefully either sphinx or chariots can support, but should hold its own at this point level (I think/hope)

    Necrosphinx - goes after characters, charges flanks and provides some speed to the list, if my magic phase is shut down.

    Its a 1000 points exactly, 225 heroes, 261 core, 289 special, and 225 rare. I do plan on getting the casket at some point because it seems awesome, but I really like the necrosphinx model, so I think i'll fit it in at 1500.

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    Re: 1st 1000 pts tomb kings

    The necrosphinx model does look nice, but its not the most competitive choice to be taking. So just be aware of that when you're running it.

    The rest of the list seems to look fine for a 1,000 point game. I do think your list is lacking in options for chaff and re-directors. Like a unit of skeleton cavalry would be useful, or some carrion. However you're have to drop the necrosphinx to fit anything else in.
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    Re: 1st 1000 pts tomb kings

    I'm not too worried about being super competitive, just trying to get a good ideal of what to start with (though I will run the necrosphinx at some point). If i drop the sphinx for the casket, two small cavalry units, and maybe give the tk halbreds (I feel like i need something that hits hard, and doesn't depend on magic) would that be better?

    Also how would you try to deploy and use the cav, when I played before it was with woodelves and I'm not sure how to use slow redirectors.

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