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Thread: gauntlet of the duel

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    gauntlet of the duel

    a friend of mine had a game a while back where he played a bret player( i wasnt there) the bret player told him the gauntlet of the duel was one time use, yet i can not find where it states this even in FAQ.
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    Re: gauntlet of the duel

    I guess you could look in the Bretonnian rulebook under what the item does.
    Then go check the bretonnian FAQ on the GW site and see if they alter the wording or answer an FAQ question about it.

    If after all that there's nothing saying that it is a one use only item, then it isn't a one use only item.
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    Re: gauntlet of the duel

    In fact, it's sandwiched in between a pair of explicitly one-use items in the Army Book. You can use the Gauntlet as many times as you like (as long as you're otherwise obeying the rules for issuing a challenge, of course)

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    Re: gauntlet of the duel

    One more question about this item – This came up in my game yesterday.
    Rules state (pg 102) a unit champions can accept a challenge but does not have to.
    Does this supersede the ruling of the item?
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    Re: gauntlet of the duel

    The enemy has to accept the challenge if he can.

    That means as long as one champion/character/enemy Grail Knight is involved in the combat he has to accept with one of them.

    His own choice which one if there's more than one though
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