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Thread: Navy High Elves 2200pts. Tournament List

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    Navy High Elves 2200pts. Tournament List

    Hello everyone. REcently the owner of my FLGS announced a 2200pt. Tournament to take place onJune 2nd, there is only one rule in this tournament" No Special Characters of any kind are allowed to be taken (which makes me sad because I wanted to take Eltharion the Grim ) but it isnt all that bad as I still feel that I can put together a pretty competitive list. I have recently been putting together a Navy Themed High Elf army and after some play testing it has come together quite well with just a few tweaks here and there to make it that much more competitive and even better (and still keep the theme). I have below devised a pretty balanced list for the tournament which I will start playtesting as soon as possible. As usual any thoughts, ideas or comments are more then welcome, thanks for reading guys!

    LORDS AND HEROES: 694pts.

    -Level 4 Archmage
    *w/ Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow

    -Level 1 Mage
    *w/ Annulian Crystal, Gem of Courage, High Magic

    *w/ World Dragon Banner, Dragon Armor, Great Weapon

    CORE: 554pts.

    -x28 Lothern Sea Guard (*Lvl. 1 here*)
    *w/ Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

    -x10 Lothern Sea Guard (*BSB and Archmage here*)
    *w/ Full Command

    SPECIAL: 700pts.

    -x40 Marines "Horde" (*Either White Lions, Sword Masters or Phoenix Guard*)
    *w/ Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Amulet of Light, Potion Of Foolhardiness

    RARE: 250pts.

    -x2 Bolt Throwers

    -Great Eagle

    TOTAL ARMY: 2198pts.


    -Level 4 and BSB will go in the mage bunker unit of Lothern Sea Guard and will cast spells from Lore of shadow and keep the mage safe. With shadow I can seriously beef up my units of Sea Guard (mindrazor) and @ the same time weaken my opponent, the Level 1 is there to make sure that I can cast Shield of Saphery, as well as being a backup defense mage if level 4 goes down.

    -x28 Lothern Sea Guard to be the backbone of this list, their job is to pump shots down field and lay some hurt with their spears (especially if I get mindrazor off) they are in a formation of 6x5 (or bus depending) to try and get as close to minimum core requirement as possible. the smaller unit of x10 is there to be a bunker for the Archmage and the BSB.

    -A cool idea I think on my part it will be a conversion of sorts but running them with the stats of any of the special choices. Basically I will be taking White Lion Legs, Dark Elf Torsos/Dragon Cloaks and Dragon Prince Heads and banners (all available on Ebay for cheap) while what weapons I will give them I still am trying to decide. The idea is I will be able to run these guys as either Sword Masters, Phoenix Guard or White Lions and save $ as well as having something unique on the board. Will have a horde of x40 in this list (*But have the option to split them into x2 units of x18 if I wanted, would this be a better option?*) it will be a scary unit and a tough one to break (*cant decide between Phoenix Guard, Sword Masters or White Lions so any opinions on that as well would be great*) and make it so I have a better chance on getting the +1 to see who goes first.

    -A Great Eagle for redirecting and warmachine hunting along with x2 bolt throwers who with in combination with my Seaguard will be putting as many shots down range (and target nasty units along with monsters and such). This also fits very well into the theme of my list and since I am taking two bolt throwers it will make them more effective then they usually are as I plan to concentrate fire on a single target. (*I am also tempted to drop both bolt throwers and maybe add another eagle and flesh out the rest of my units, what are your guys ideas on this?*)
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    Re: Navy High Elves 2200pts. Tournament List

    Looks like a solid list, plus also unique as it is not the "usual" HE list that you see from most players. And as to how you should run your Marines, I would probably say either the Phoenix Guard or the White Lions. Swordmasters just die in droves very easily and usually very few of them make it into combat, hence why I think in this case they wont be a good choice. Leaning with the Phoenix Guard, as not only do the give you a respectable S4, but also have the great 4+ ward save, and backed up with a Lvl. 4 Shadow mage with the book of Hoeth will make this unit deadly.

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