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Thread: Armorcast Reaver Replacement parts.

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    Re: Armorcast Reaver Replacement parts.

    Woork has kept me from this project for a while, but I am slowly making progress on getting an ENTIRE titan sculpted.

    Since I have plenty of left-over Armorcast weapons the only carapace weapon I will make will probably be the Vortex missile. Would people prefer to see an exposed missle (like the Deathstrike missile launcher) or a larger firing tube with just the missile's warhead sticking out (RPG style)?

    As for the arms I will definatley be making a Gatling blaster, and volcano cannon. Possibly some kind of close combat weapon, maybe a giant chainsaw perhaps?

    Also, I am working out the carapace design. For a model that is inspired by the armorcast model, would people prefer something that looks like the armorcast reaver's carapace, or something that looks a little more like the Forgeworld Reaver with the powerplants hanging off the back?
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