I'm not so keen on the Plastic soldier company's 28mm soviets; they're are a straight scale up of their 15mm plastics for me it shows in the lack of detail. The (German) plastics I've seen from Warlord's Bolt Action range are nicely detailed and I guess any plastics are a bit easier to repose than their metal counterparts.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see plastic Soviets from the Perrys as well; but I have a feeling the two companies won't want to step on each others toes.

I started collecting Soviets myself a few months ago (so far have the Red Army box set (metal figures) and a T34/85, both from Warlord). Thanks for the tip on the book, any sources are gratefully received, so far I only have the Osprey Soviet Rifleman book, and have watched a few of the episodes of the Soviet Storm series on the Military channel.