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Thread: Greetings from Germany

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    Greetings from Germany

    Hi folks! I started the hobby with the Rogue Trader rulebook and already played Apocalypse sized games with second edition ( for those familiar with the rules, imagine 20+ vehicles with smoke launchers per side activating them on the same turn ). I have quit during 4th edition for time reasons and because being annoyed by the lack of an useful Codex for my Space Wolves. I have recently picked up a 5th edition rulebook and tried to find a list of the major differenced between 4th and 5th on the net. What I found instead was rumors about 6th coming soon
    So I eagerly await the next incarnation of my favorite wargame to jump again into the hobby.

    I own a Great Company of Space Wolves, lots of Imperial Guards (Catachans), a decent sized orc horde (including a scratch-built Stompa) and a small contingent of Adeptus Arbites.
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