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Thread: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

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    Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    How would the Shadow Field operate in regards to re-rolls?

    My friend plays Dark Eldar, we recently had a game with several of us playing, and were divided on how Shadowfields function in regards to re-rolls.

    In case you don't already know, a Dark Eldar Shadow Field confers a 2+ Invul to the bearer, which, if failed, dissipates and has no further effect.

    I was of the opinion that, if you fail your save, but have a re-roll and pass said re-roll, for all intents and purposes you have "passed" the save, and the re-roll takes precedence over the previous roll, else you'd have taken a wound if you followed the logic that failing the save and passing it on a re-roll still counts as a failed save. Thus your 2+ Invul would remain, until at a later point you "failed" your save, both the initial roll and the re-roll, thus actually taking damage, which is at least lore-wise, and presumably rule-wise, what it takes to remove the effects of the Shadow Field.

    Your interpretations/thoughts?

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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    If you re-roll, you ignore the results of the first roll. If you reroll a failed save and pass on the reroll, you pass the save. You haven't failed it.

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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    What DoctorTom said; the first roll of a re-rolled ie essentially didn't happen and can't affect anything.
    This is explicitly spelled out in regards to "gets hot!" and rerolls in the main rulebook FAQ too.
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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    It would count as passing. But just curious, when would this situation come up of an archon getting to re roll failed saves?

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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    Quote Originally Posted by jifel View Post
    It would count as passing. But just curious, when would this situation come up of an archon getting to re roll failed saves?
    There's no situation in the rules that I know of but there are tournaments that allow you to "buy" rerolls for your army, or team games that let you use all the abilities of your allied list. So it's possible via Corbulo or maybe a necron with a chronometron to get a reroll on your Archon.

    At that point you are bending the main rules anyways, so why not just make a house rule for this situation too?

    RAW says you ignore the results of the first roll, so you don't lose the field.
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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    Ah, so I see opinions are unanimously in my favour... well, opinion wise, game wise it is most definitely in my friend's favour. Odd as it may sound, he was the one saying he would lose the save and I was saying he kept it, and we're on opposite sides of the board...

    Oh well, thanks for the unnecessary, yet necessary clarification.

    And yes, I do understand the wording and function of the rules, I just needed some other opinions to prove/disprove my own in order to sort the discussion out.

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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    maybe if the Archon was allied with a Farseer? could have been fortuned?
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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    I don't think you can re-roll a failed ShadowField save - if you fail a save, the ShadowField cracks and you take a wound.

    Can you use FnP against that failed save, to save said wound? What does the codex entry say?
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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    But rerolloing makes the fail never happen. Reread what people said about the get hot reroll
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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    This is like saying you can't reroll any armor save, because when you fail the first time you take a wound. So a fortuned warlock would die before rerolling. And a fortuned farseer would suffer two wounds if he failed the reroll also.

    When you ignore the first roll, you completely ignore it. If you break the field you didn't ignore it.

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    Re: Dark Eldar Shadow Field

    Q: How do dice rolls that can trigger an effect from a
    special rule (such as rolling a 1 To Hit when shooting a
    weapon with the Gets Hot! special rule) interact with
    re-rolls? (p2)
    A: You only check to see if the effect has been
    triggered after the re-rolls have been made.
    The first roll is ignored
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