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Thread: Hhhhhargh. Gluing.

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    Hhhhhargh. Gluing.

    So I'm building the Cynwäll dragon from Rackham (see sig), and it's a real bitch. Haven't had such a difficult mini since my big boss on gigantic spider.
    The problem: the parts pretty much all connect through very thin areas. It is pretty much impossible to pin more than once. But those parts are big and heavy. Very heavy. Yesterday evening, the whole thing literally broke down on me when I tried to put some stress on it as I noticed suspicious cracks on the greenstuff (the liquid kind, which proves very easy to remove), even the darn tail I had glued 4 years ago... so, any tip? I heard greenstuff can be used to glue, may I hope it would held better results than superglue?

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    Re: Hhhhhargh. Gluing.

    Green stuff is NOT superior to gluing.
    Green stuff in combination with superglue IS superior (NOT the liquid kind of GS, the putty) though.
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    Re: Hhhhhargh. Gluing.

    I always use GS putty and superglue on my big models. I start off by drilling holes for the pin, then I put a little blob of GS into both holes. I will then put glue along the width of my pin that's going into the mini and a bit inside the hole on my miniature's body. I will then insert the pin. Right after that, I cover the entire gluing surface of the joint with a coat of superglue and then I will put a small blob of GS around the pin, onto the glue. Then I will put glue over the GS and onto the rest of the pin and sandwich everything with the other part of the models. If you see glue and GS oozing out of the joint, remove it now with a sharp blade.

    This forms a very solid bond, the GS helps giving the glue as much gluing surface as there can possibly be on the joint and the GS superglue combo hardens very fast into a very hard substance. It will look a bit rough, but if you quickly removed the excess as I explained, there shouldn't be any problem going over with more GS to hide the joint once the glue/GS sludge has dried.

    I glued my pride and joy metal Nurgle Daemon Prince this way and I he survived being flinged across my room by accident without even one joint cracking.
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