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Thread: Looking back on Planet Strike

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    Looking back on Planet Strike

    Here is a thread from two years ago on the same subject; I figured that was large enough a gap to warrant a new thread.

    I just recently started looking at the Planet Strike expansion, and I think it seems like a fun new way to play the game. With 6th edition right around the corner this is obviously no time to dive into an old expansion, but I must say I am curious about what you Warseers thought or think about the rule set. It's been almost three years since the book was released: is anyone still playing it?

    From what I've seen of it the damage the attacker can dish out using orbital attacks seems a bit over the top, but I have never played a game using the rules myself. What are your thoughts looking back on it?

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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    It was fun. It was a little OTT at times. I still dig it out every so often for something different. Overall, cities of death was "better" and gets played more. Good fun for bigger games.
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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    Im a big fan of Planetstrike, at least the basic scenario, the other ones can be a bit unbalanced out side of a mini campaign. We get planetstrike fever every now and then It certainly holds up better than cityfight has in 5th Ed.

    Also, the Attackers usually lose, the firestorm is fine in practice!
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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    I played a couple of games with friend just after the release. Daemons vs Tau. Being able to charge when you deep strike sure ends the game fast. after that we didn't play so much planetstrike.

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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    We often use it as the basis of orbital landing style scenarios in our campaigns.

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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    I'm about to start a narrative campaign with a friend and our second scenario will be planet strike (the first will be a pure scout army infiltrating to set up an orbital beacon for the landing force). I've never played planet strike before but it fits perfectly for narrative games so I'm looking forward to it.
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    Re: Looking back on Planet Strike

    I played a few games, but it died away quite quickly. I don't think the rules worked very well for what they were supposed to represent. Our games just ended with almost all the defenders force being in reserves, so the attacked deep struck, had nothing to do, then got jumped by the defender coming out of reserves. It was supposed to be about defenders trying to hold fortifications against enemy attackers, but seeing as how being in a fortification sucks (you can't really shoot out of it, and it's easy to stun the entire building) no one deployed inside buildings anyway. But then you have the orbital attacks making a mess of anything outside of buildings, so no one deployed anything on the table at all in the end.

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