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we are gonna play a huge battle 9000 pt total.
three players each side.
as many of you guess my side is skaven.

any idea of how 3 skaven army's can beat those of the above?
how can we work together any advice??

Sounds like a great fun - I take it this is the emphasis?

Some suggestions on the battle rules which need to be introduced to make sure it will be fun for every player:

1) At 3X 3000 pts Skaven has an excellent chance of an auto-draw and a good chance of an auto-win. You will have to introduce a rule to prevent this by limiting the usage of Slaves otherwise it won't be fun for your opponents.

2) To prevent a particular army from being wiped out too early, it might be an idea to insist that units of different armies are somehow mixed up during deployment i.e. not - 1 army deployed in 1 region of the board.

3) General's Ld/Inspiring Presence will also have to be decided and suitably modified

4) Some allowances must be made for the TK Hierophant e.g. it cannot die before turn 3 or 4

5) Tactics? - not different from usual Skaven strategy of holding against or immobilizing the best enemy units while focusing on destroying the weaker ones but at 3000 X 3, you have tremendous leeway with army lists - imagine wiping out 50 Chaos knights in one volley of shooting!

Hope you have fun