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Thread: LOTR SBG Battle report Gondor v Mordor

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    LOTR SBG Battle report Gondor v Mordor

    LotR or WotR battle report: LotR
    Well as promised here is my LOTR SBG battle report, there are loads of photos - hope you enjoy.

    Please feel free to leave comments, feedback or join the blog.


    Hope you like them - ENJOY!

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    Also links to my huge stock of fully painted armies so far:

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    Re: LOTR SBG Battle report Gondor v Mordor

    Love the pictures! Thanks very much for the report.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your first SBG game. I too like WotR, though lately have played more SBG (see all my reports...).

    A tip for playing Nazgul around killer heroes like Boromir: you are right to keep it well away from the hero, lest Boromir step up and slay the Nazgul. But if you stand the Nazgul 10" or so away behind some troops you can hit the hero with Transfix every turn and render him completely ineffective.

    Keep up the fun play!

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    Re: LOTR SBG Battle report Gondor v Mordor

    thanks for the battle report, fun to read, I play WOTR, but bought the books and hoping to give the SBG a try again.
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    Me too.

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    Re: LOTR SBG Battle report Gondor v Mordor

    I too live Wotr, but am in the process of trying SBG too, I have another battle report to post, so hopefully will do this weekend!

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