I'd actually make the argument that it has more to do with true LoS than with shooty vehicles. Its really hard to hide things, and the benefits of terrain (cover) are counteracted by the disadvantages (moving slower). As good as a 4+ save is, its not nearly as good as old area terrain rules preventing them from getting fired at in the first place. I like to read battle reports from the tournies I can't afford to go to , and Nova was really interesting because a lot of players complained there was too much LoS blocking terrain (just read an interesting blog article about it), and lot of the more spamming netlists (razor spam, leafblower) didn't do very well.

In addition its easier to explain how to play a shooting army online, and thats where a lot of us go for advice. Take the Footdar list that made the top 16 at adepticon, that list isn't the sort of army that you can just read the list, what bad matchups to look out for, and be successful. Whereas with a long fang/razorspam wolf list, you really just need to know how to deploy, what to shoot at, and when to grab objectives.

I still think firing points need to be fixed, having units have to be disembarked to hold an objective, and having objectives count for points as their held instead of just the last turn would help out a ton.