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Thread: Tyranids: Ravenors.

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    Tyranids: Ravenors.

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    I have just started a Tyranid Nidzilla based army. Essentially it's for a bit of fun to play friends. Although It's just a for a bit of fun I'd also like to have a chance at winning and thus decided to add a Ravenor brood to my army. The issue however is the multiple choices for thorax weapons. I was wondering what you would suggest and indeed how you've found them to be most effective against Marines, Guard and Necrons?

    Thank you

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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Personally when I use my raveners I just give them rending claws and no thorax weapon. Though the spinefists are tempting because of the amount of firepower, I use my raveners for quick strike assaults. They'll need support pretty quickly too, so I'd rather beef up other units around them than spend the points on a thorax upgrade.

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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Save the points. Give them rending then charge them in!

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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    I'm quite fond of Ravenors myself ^_^ I have to echo the opinion of doing away with a thorax weapon. They're great for ambush purposes but you can also wipe enough of an enemy squad that you won't have anything to assault (happened to me twice, and that's with the 12 inch charge in mind). I run mine with double scything talons. They may not rend but they still chew through enemy foot troops.

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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Having faced off against them in many combats I have two thoughts:
    1. Rending only. They are less expensive and their speciality is hand to hand combat. With their speed they can hit their target fast and rending makes them very very viable in close combat. I have yet to see where deep striking them or putting guns on them have done much other than make them a target instead of the one doing the targeting.
    2. Overall an excellent unit. However, they should be used en masse. 3 is a waste of points. 9 will obliterate anything just about. When I see a squad of 7 to 9 I cringe.
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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Da Reddaneks View Post
    Overall an excellent unit. However, they should be used en masse. 3 is a waste of points. 9 will obliterate anything just about. When I see a squad of 7 to 9 I cringe.
    Second that! You need enough guys to wipe units, it's always the last enemy who has a Powerfist/Powerclaw, and with the current rules thats insta-killing the 3-wound Ravenors.
    9 is good. 9 and rending, no shooting.
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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Thorax weapons are only ever useful if you deepstrike, and deepstrike is not a great option for them. You can't assault so you need to be far enough away to not be shot to pieces, but close enough to fire the thorax weapons, which doesn't happen with 'nid weapons.
    Run them with rending claws, and in groups of 5+.
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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    How do you wipe out squads of thirty genestealer? That is the most dangerous encounter my army has thus operated against.

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    Re: Tyranids: Ravenors.

    Shooting. Shooting is how you wipe out 30 genestealers.

    Seriously, do not approach that squad, ever. Assuming the almost mandatory toxin sacs, it costs 510pts! And it will shred pretty much anything it touches - or certainly anything nids can field. Shoot it to death with extreme prejudice. Warriors with deathspitters or devourergants are probably quite points efficient for shredding them (theoretically a anti-infantry T-fex would be great against them, but those things are terrible options most of the time).

    If you absolutely have to kill it in combat, try to make them charge you in cover, where you at least get to go first. Paroxysm really helps to cut down on their kills too.

    For non-nid armies against that squad, same thing applies. Gun it to death, at range. Flamers will probably help if they're in cover - and make sure when they charge you, they do so in cover. If for some god-forsaken reason you want to charge them at fullish strength, try to multicharge them and gants, if that's an option - kill loads of gants, win combat, watch the stealers explode from No Retreat!
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