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Thread: 2,000 points 1st tourney with High Elves-- Is this list solid enough?

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    2,000 points 1st tourney with High Elves-- Is this list solid enough?

    Archmage (4) = 370
    - Talisman of Saphery, Folaraith’s Robe, Seerstaff of Saphery
    -Lore of Shadow

    Noble Battle Standard Bearer = 178
    -Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Longbow, Great Weapon

    Mage (1) = 120
    - Dispell Scroll,
    -Lore of High Magic + *Drain Magic

    Noble = 191
    - Armour of Destiny, Shield, Lance, Great Eagle

    29 Sea Guard = 412
    -Full Command, Spears, Shields, Bows, Banner of Eternal Flame

    10 Archers = 110
    - Longbows

    17 Swordmasters = 335
    - Full Command, Heavy Armour, Great Weapons, Banner of Sorcery

    6 Dragon Princes = 190
    - Musician, Lances, Barded Steeds, Dragon armour, & Shields

    2 x Great Eagles = 50/each

    The idea is to take out war machines or dangerous enemy Wizards with the Noble on great eagle and the 2 great eagles.

    Archmage will lead Swordmasters into battle while the BSB joins the steadfast Sea Guard. Finally, the archers will support and even act as redirectors for the sea guard unit and lead by the Mage (who will leave the unit should the archers move into a redirecting role).

    The Dragon Princes are there to roll a flank and support the sea guard unit with a flank charge or take out smaller units of cavalry, chariots, or fire-breathing monsters (hopefully on the charge - thinking of giving them a standard, moving banner of eternal flame here and giving them a champion with Foe Bane?)

    The sea guard and dragon princes shall be supported with Shadow magic in combat (Enfeebling foe, Withering, or Mindrazor)

    What do you think?
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